UTV & SXS Performance Tuning & Upgrades

MST Motorsports works with some of the top tuning companies in the SXS / UTV industry like Evo Powersports & Alba Racing.

SXS & UTV Performance Tuning & Upgrades

Our tunes are Dyno developed Dyno tested and Dyno Proven, our high performance ECU reflash’s will have your Polaris RZR, CAN AM, Yamaha making power ahead of the pack. We have several performance stages beginning with a stage 1 tune to stage 7 tunes. Our tunes can be set for premium fuel 91-92 octane to Race Fuel. With improved fuel maps specific to each tune, all torque limiters and speed limiters adjusted, and performance timing maps.

You have a choice of cooling fan on/off temperature, rpm limit, and can select to remove or keep the stock speed limiters. If you have recently had a recall done and have lost some power we will get that back and more!

UTV and SXS Performance parts

The Polaris RZR XP Turbo is already a beast making 168 motor horsepower all stock and putting down 142.5 horsepower at the wheel. That’s impressive! But we all want more power. Our ECU reflash’s are available in several stages ready to take your beast to the next level.

On your XP Turbo the biggest annoyance, if you’ve driven it hard at all, is the torque limiting “stumble” on the bottom end. We have eliminated the limiters holding power back so you will get full throttle out of the hole. And when you hammer the throttle power will come right on instead of feeling like the belt is slipping or the machine is being lazy.

UTV and SXS Tuners

Our Tuners use the most advanced equipment available to build our ECU maps and do a huge amount of testing. They develop these maps on a dynojet dyno as well as our new Axis dyno specifically designed by the designer of the original dynojet dyno to test SxS vehicles only. This is a side by side specific dyno. This is the only specific SxS dyno in the world. What makes it different than other dyno’s. It has the ability to tune with a CVT clutch to simulate real-world load. No other dyno can do this. We also data log hundreds of miles of use and tear down engines to look for accelerated wear.

UTV and SXS Performance Tuning & Upgrades
UTV and SXS Performance Tuning & Upgrades company in Utah

Areas MST Motorsports Serves – St George Utah, Washington Utah, Hurricane Utah, Virgin Utah, Ivins Utah, and surrounding areas.


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