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Your vehicle’s computer comes factory programmed for Basic stock tuning used for everyday driving, which means it’s not calibrated for performance or vehicle upgrades. This means elements such as torque and overall power distribution are oftentimes overlooked to allow for a more basic driving experience.

The MST Motorsports Team is Ready to Help!

At MST Motorsports, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to selecting the proper aftermarket tuner.
Whether you want to boost your vehicle’s horsepower or improve fuel economy.

Feel free to contact us here at any time or call us at (435) 256-8899.

What’s the Difference Between Tuners and Programmers?


Truck & Jeep Performance Tuning – Chips are the most basic of the aftermarket computer calibrations you can buy and usually plug into a vehicle’s computer system. They function by reading data, analyzing that data, and then making adjustments to the fuel and timing based on the data they receive to improve performance.

Truck & Jeep Programmers  ­– Computer programmers are different from chips in a couple of different ways. Programmers allow you to adjust tuning depending on the modifications you have added to your truck or jeep, and
the power level you require to compliment you performance modifications.

truck programmer-Washington UT

Some of the Brands MST Motorsports works with  :

EFI Live
Banks Performance
HP Tuners
Edge Products
H&S Performance
Duramax tuner
Cummins tuner

Benefits of Chips and Programmers

The primary reason for installing a performance programmer or chip in your truck or jeep is being able to make performance changes. They recalibrate the factory-installed computer by adjusting the parameters that deal with:

  • Torque
  • Power output
  • Ignition time
  • Fuel curves
  • Rev and RPM limitation
  • Fuel economy
  • Speed limitation
  • Air-fuel ratio
  • Shift points and firmness
  • Tire and rear end upgrades


What You Need to Know Prior to Purchase

There are different types of Performance tuners and programmers, so it’s important to know what Performance Upgrades you want to make before purchasing. These Programmers are designed for use with either diesel or gasoline engines, and some perform optimally with stock or slightly customized components.

If you need any recommendations, reach out to the team here at MST Motorsports. We even handle all installations!

Professional Performance Programmer Installation at MST Motorsports in Washington, UT.

Tuners and Performance Programmers are available for installation. For more information, vehicle applications and pricing, contact MST Motorsports at (435) 256-8899 or stop by 987 S 1900 E, Washington, Utah

Areas Served: St George, UT, Washington, UT, Hurricane, UT, Virgin, UT, Ivins, UT, and surrounding areas.



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